Asnate Bockis

Latvian artist flirting with Dutch Design

Lost In The Archive

public spaceAsnate Bockis

Contemporary art exhibition Lost in the Archive. Riga Art Space 05.02.2016- 27.03.2016.

"The exhibition Lost in the Archive serves as a reminder that the work of artists, curators, historians, and every individual with archives comprises not only organisation, but also regular disruption of the established order to see whether it is possible to have other combinations which would enable a different view on things. As an open storage of testimony of the times gone by, the archive possesses the potential and opportunities for both forming an understanding of history as well as changing it, however, that can only happen if archive is available to the public."

The core of the exhibition is the LCCA archive. "The exhibition Lost in the Archive focuses on the LCCA archive as not only an important institution of storage and organisation of information, but also as a unique creator of place history, the present, and the future. The archive is examined both in close-up and in a broader view. In close-up, the separate elements of the archive- documented exhibitions, events and people- are explored and interpreted. The broader view, on the other hand, provides an insight into the work of artists, who create and examine the archive, unveiling important questions about the construction of historical facts and the relationship between culture, politics and ideology today and in the past."

Text by Andra SIlapētere and Inga Lāce.

Exhibition design commissioned by Latvian Centre of Contemporary Art (LCCA).

Curated by Andra Silapētere, Inga Lāce

Photography by Andrejs Strokins