Asnate Bockis

Latvian artist flirting with Dutch Design

Boerûh Melk Speelt Uit

public space, researchAsnate Bockis

In the 70’s artificial turf was first introduced on market as an alternative to natural grass on football fields. Since this moment there is never-ending discussion about the pro's and con's of natural or artificial turf fields. 'Boerûh Melk Speelt Uit' reacts on this discussion during a live football game screening of the rivals PSV-Ajax on 18 December 2016 in Amsterdam. Sports journalist Timme Wolgen was invited to comment this game with a focus on role of gras in this football game. Audience was seated on a tribune designed for this event.

Every 10 years the artificial turf on a football field has to be replaced. A mobile tribune set used for 'Boerûh Melk Speelt Uit' event is made out of recycled artificial football field turf. It's design is based on a traditional milking stool found in de Kwakel (Dutch farmland). This tribune has 3 heights: farm level (low), stadium level (medium) and bar level (high). In that way this tribune enables a range of activities like milking a 'Boerûh Melk' sheep, watching a game of your favorite team or drinking milk with friends at the 'Boerûh Melk' bar.

'Boerûh Melk Speelt Uit'  is a continuation of the project 'Boerûh Melk' in which the alternative ways to use football fields are being proposed.

This project was developed as part of exhibition 'Onzijn'. Curator Jurgen Bey; commissioned by Wow Amsterdam.