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Elm Collection

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Elm Collection

This installation is a response to a series of items made of leather, underpinned by elm. During the project an intensive study of the elm was carried out; the tree is threatened with extinction everywhere in the world, but still can be found in big numbers in the Netherlands. In this installation, the designers show the unique and sometimes unexpected qualities of the elm as wood. The elmwood barrel that they have created is ageing a distilled drink. In ten years, at the twentieth anniversary of Thomas Eyck, the man himself will be able to celebrate with this elm-flavoured drink.

10 years Thomas Eyck

Iconic Dutch Design is recontexualized by a younger generation in the jubilee exhibition of contemporary design publisher Thomas Eyck. To mark his jubilee ten product series were selected from Thomas Eyck’s collection, which are exemplary for the collaborations the publisher & distributor has developed with designers and producers since 2007. Accordingly, ten young designers, artists and architects were invited to create a project in which the iconic t.e. objects are studied and recontextualised. The retrospective exhibition reviews the past decade and forecasts a potential future for the t.e. collection. Installation 7/10 ‘ the Elm Collection’ is a reflection on the 'Leather Collection' series of utensils created for Thomas Eyck in 2013 by VanHoffOntwerpen in collaboration with De Buffel, Kuperus & Gardenier and Roxal.

Elm Collection is created by Contemporary Wild for '10 years Thomas Eyck' exhibition in Zuiderzee Museum.

Curator Jules van den Langenberg. Enkhzuizen, The Netherlands, 2016.

Contemporary Wild is a collaboration between Asnate Bockis and Willem van Doorn.


Letter send out two weeks before opening of the exhibition:

Dear Thomas Eyck and Jules van den Langenberg,

we are very glad that the time to celebrate 10 years of Thomas Eyck is very close by. That will be the time when all the hard work will be rewarded with a moment of joy. In behalf of all the makers, designers, artists and architects involved in this project we would like to kindly remind you of duties that contractors (in this case Mr. T. Eyck and Mr. J. van den Langenberg) according to the Dutch Panne Bier tradition have.

Panne Bier is a Dutch tradition where the contractors serve beer to the architects, material suppliers and builders, when the highest point of the building structure is reached. According to our calculation 10 years of Thomas Eyck project will reach its highest point on the 22nd of December ­during the opening of the exhibition in Zuiderzee Museum. After that moment this structure that we have build together will be filled in with visitors, reviews, opinions, publications and more.

Concerning the amount of people involved in the building of this project we calculated that on 22nd of December it is highly recommended to provide 40 litres of beer containing not less than 10% alcohol. This beer shall be handed to the representative of Contemporary wild on the day of the opening and they will take care for the rest.

Looking forward to celebrate it together!

King regards,

Contemporary Wild