Asnate Bockis

Latvian artist flirting with Dutch Design

Para Pops

graphicAsnate Bockis

90's in SIgulda, Latvia, youth, beginnings of the first commercial radio channel. It is an autobiographical long story by journalist, DJ and true music lover Kaspars Zavileiskis. His story full of humour tells about the time of great changes un opportunities in new capitalist society after collapse of Soviet Union.

With 24 illustrations and the punk like design of the book I aimed to create a visual narrative, supporting the written text. To create images I combined materials from Kaspar's notebooks and picturesque photos of Sigulda taken in later years by Aivars Plucis former director of the radio station.

Specification: size 120x170 mm, 176 pages, soft cover, duo tone offset print. Published by ‘Latvijas Mediji', Riga, 2018.