Asnate Bockis

Latvian artist flirting with Dutch Design

Sauna Town Hall

public spaceAsnate Bockis

Sauna is a sex, gender, status free zone, where everyone is equal. People get undressed and therefore loose the attributes that have been showing their status. To erase even the last trace of status, the hairdo, every person in sauna is provided with a special felted sauna hat that preserves the hair from heat. This setting makes people leave their ego behind and come up with ideas, which are beneficial for everyone. The sauna is a place that brings body and mind to a comfort, a place that can help people to come up with great ideas on future life in their own city.

For the first time Sauna Town Hall was open for 24 hours and served as a discussion place for the inhabitants of the temporary Kortrijk Conge city. Project developed in collaboration with Willem van Doorn for Kortrijk Conge, 2014