Asnate Bockis

Latvian artist flirting with Dutch Design

Night Shelter

public space, private spaceAsnate Bockis

Night Shelter explores Latvian stereotypes about homeliness concept. The artistic experiment took a place in the most harsh locations of Riga City: pedestrian underpasses - dark, windy, cold, stinky and dangerous  places  especially at nights. There was a challenge to recreate the sense of those places for one night. Make them as cosy as home in peoples most beautiful visions and to offer experience those places differently. To make people feel like at home in the locations they usually escape. There were tree different locations and tree different visions of cosiness where offered.

Interdisciplinary project Night Shelter was created within the framework of Contemporary Art Forum “White Night”, Riga, 2007

Asnate Bočkis was a set designer of this project.