Asnate Bockis

Latvian artist flirting with Dutch Design

Water Moulding

researchAsnate Bockis

Water is beauty and water is source of life, but it is also a material and tool, it can be shaped and give shape to other materials. Sometimes water is also seen as a waste. For instance snow in the cities- municipalities collect it and bring it to disposal as they do with garbage. But snow and ice in a city is also a material to mould and to create facilities for citizens.

In water moulding project Asnate is exploring ways and possibilities how water can be moulded and how it can became a tool. I am interested to explore how other materials react on it and how the qualities of water can be captured and integrated in large and small- scale designs. How to design a glass cup for drinking water and how to design a bench or a bridge in the city, by using water as a material and as a tool.  What are the possibilities for instant and long lasting objects.

Project initiated as research for design biennial BIO 50 in Ljubljana, 2014