Asnate Bockis

Latvian artist flirting with Dutch Design

My First Bio Tears

graphic, writing, private space, public spaceAsnate Bockis

"My First BIO tears" is a process book of young designer created during the 9 month of participation in BIO50, Public Water, Public Space group. The statement of BIO50 was to focus on process and evidence the importance of it.  My work process was very emotional, in this adventure I witnessed both joy and some water coming out of my eyes.  At some moment I realised that emotions play as important role in my creative process as rational mind. In order to communicate my personal BIO50 experience and let people experience the flow of the creation process I decided to share my tears with public and sneak into a life of designer behind finished products.

Ink yet print on paper, 210x 297mm, 123 pages

Project created for design biennial BIO50 in Ljubljana, 2014