Asnate Bockis

Latvian artist flirting with Dutch Design

The Fountain

public space, graphicAsnate Bockis

Nature is cyclic, every season has a different task and appearance. Water has in every season a different character. Rainwater is changing its appearance from water to snow and ice. Rivers are changing speed, level and physical state. Even underground water is changing in its volume.

What about fountains? I did research in Ljubljana and noticed that fountains in winter are shut off and covered with wooden structures. This made me realize that fountains only work for one of the three stages of water. I want to create a fountain, which embraces and deals with the different stages of water and celebrates it. In history one of the functions of fountains monument was to celebrate the builder. From my point of view the most important builder of the fountain is the water itself, therefore I want water to become a builder of its own monument.

Project created in collaboration with Rogier Arents for design biennial BIO50 in Ljublajna. 2014